“Beyond Best Quality Products, We Provide Consulting and Soluting SERVICES

C.R.Group realizes the important of every part of our service. We have the measure to constantly develop the capability of our services starting from front office to our back office such as warehouses, products preparation, availability of products and spare parts, packing and delivery. We also provide excellent services from the maintenance and repair departments, including assembly and installment for both internal and external requirements. (one-stop-service)



All products whic are under warranty condition, we have ambition to offer great services, rapid, fast-forward, up-to-date problems solving strategy and focus on quality. We emphasize on after sales service, maintenance and repair to reach customers’ satisfaction. In addtion, we provide repairing for all agricultural and industrial machines such as water pump, booster pump, motor, high pressure pump, brush cutter, power sprayer, etc.


Our technician is trained to have deep understanding about products and strong technical knowledge in order to provide good services to customers.

WE Provide : Maintenance service could be served in time, monthly, or yearly depending on customer’s need.


We always develop the efficiency in providing services. One stop service is a part of them. Our professional teams will be cooperating with you since at the beginning from designing up to assembling the products until to installment as the last process. For examples:

1. Transferring and Booster pump system, Fire pump, Control box

2. Sprinkler system for agricultural field and garden

3. Waste water treatment system, landscaping

4. Water transferring system for shrimp farm (aqua farm)

5. High pressure cleaner for car care, car care equipment

6. Power sprayer set for agricultural application, termites and insect control

7. Fogging and misting system for restaurant, canteen, factory, etc. (renting service is available)


8. Other services